‘YOU AND ME’ by Izumi Shiokawa will be released in September, 2015. She is an illustrator who actively presents her works at art exhibitions and also works in various fields such as advertisements, magazines and commercial products in Japan. This book is a collection of portraits of pets and its owners.

Animals and human beings. This mutual relationship could mean as a partner, a mother-and-child, a boyfriend-and-girlfriend and also a best friend. One cannot exists without the other.
Just between YOU AND ME… the book is all about the story of relationship, and the precious time the characters have shared together.., which brings a smile on every face.

Izumi Shiokawa has published in a series of simple but attractive portrait, such as ‘CATS’ and ‘SHE’. The former focuses on cats’ figures and the latter captures a various aspects of the female visage, in which brings out our diverse emotions.
This time, her book depicts their scenes as well as adorable looks that evoke their, a pet and its owner’s, buddy-buddy relationship.

‘YOU AND ME’ by Izumi Shiokawa
182mm x 128mm 144 pages, soft cover, offset print
1st Edition of 1000
Publication date: will be released September 2015

Izumi Shiokawa / Illustrator
Studied graphic design at Tama Art University. Lives in Tokyo.
Works in fields of advertisements, magazines and commercial products. Presents frequently her works at art exhibitions.


ⒸIzumi Shiokawa

In line with the production of ‘YOU AND ME’, we will launch the special project that Izumi Ishikawa will portray you and your pet.


*We are now collecting pictures of you and your pet animal. Please send your best photo!!
—- Any animal, such as dogs, cats, birds, fishes, insects, horses, and even mountain goats, is welcomed! The pet you had before is acceptable and peculiar animals are very welcomed!
*Only the applicants that have selected will be portrayed by Izumi Shiokawa.
*Your given name, name of the pet animal and age will be represented in the portrait.
*The portraits will be included in her art collection book and these originals will be placed at traveling exhibitions in Japan.

Application period: June 1, 2015 – June 20, 2015
How to apply: Fill in the following information and send your picture of you and your pet attached.
*Only the applicants that have passed the audition will receive an e-mail notification in August, 2015.

Please send e-mail to : info@elvispress.jp

1. name:
2. age:
3. sex:
4. what do you like?:
5. what do you dislike?:

6. name:
7. age:
8. sex:
9. what do you like?:
10. what do you dislike?:

11.Please tell me the relationship or memories between you and your pet.

12.Please attached the pictures of you and your pet. (headshot and body shot)